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Artemis rgb - need testers with rog keyboards.

Level 8
Hello everyone!
I hope that is proper section for such thread. If no - I'm sorry and please, move to proper section, don't delete if I don't break forum rules.

So. I found interesting project for rgb controls - Artemis rgb. It uses official sdks (and also openrgb) from various manufacturer so you can sync your whole setup.

Unfortunately, using of asus sdk is not easy (sdk has problems with c# documentation) and authors faced with crashes. I have wanted to help guys and now looks like we have catched and fixed a bug. Everything works fine with fix but before this fix go to public authors want to test keyboards. I don't have rog keyboard (my friends too). So if someone want to help with this testing - you are welcome! Just PM me or connect to artemis discord server (see the site of project for link) and check "Asus crashes" branch.

English is not my native language, so I'm sorry if I make some mistakes.

Level 7
I'm up for testing with a Rog Claymore II and a Scope TKL if oyu still want to test