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ArmoryCrate broke my RGB led motherboard that was working perfectly by itself before

Level 8
What a big mistake I did that I installed this software, now my motheboard RGB leds are broke, not working anymore if Armory not installed.

I did a clear CMOS by removing battery but did not solve the problem.
Only way to make it work now is to have this app installed
I flash the bios to last version, still not working.

I dont want to use any software to have RGB ON, not talking to control it, only to have it ON just I had it out of the box.

But no chance, now is totally OFF, only way to make it work again, is by installing this aura sync soft aka armorycrate.

So what can I do to restore the led RGBs to working without ArmoryCrate ?
I dont want to RMA the board just cuz of some software/bios issue