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[Archived] Mojuze - 3D Music Visualisation In Real Time

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EDIT: Hi all, thanks for the interest. Sorry about the changing here and there I have been moving countries, etc. The Windows and Mac demo version is still downloadable, as well as the website now permanently archived at: ...Sorry but the Android early alpha is no longer public. Feel free to check out the archive and perhaps it will inspire you to do even greater stuff in Unity!

Mojuze is a realtime, live-3D VJ software which aims to give vibrant broadcast-quality motion graphics on Android, iOS, PC, Mac and Linux.

What if you no longer need large, potentially laggy video files and could ~directly~ use 3D assets in your VJ software at 1080p?

What if you could walk up, plug in your laptop, Android or iOS device, and instantly see it on the big screen, including DJ/promoter logos, touch-manipulation, and visualisation according to ~live~ music input? Also, social, cloud, hipster stuff.

Was a new DJ just added to the lineup and the promoter is demanding a new rotating DJ Logo 5 minutes before he/she comes on? Now you no longer have to give him/her the middle finger. Dynamic 3D text logos and more are planned.

Mojuze is virtually resolution-independent to display up to Retina and 2K+ (4K should be possible as well) graphics.

Use Nvidia Control Panel or other means to crank up AA, AF, etc. to your liking,

The target audience are lighting professionals and Video DJs.

Performance tested at .

App by srmojuze
Music by MIZU
Textures modded from Flickr/billionstrang and Flickr/VinothChandra
Video loop by sightsignal
Made with Unity Engine



Level 10
Thanks to mods, etc. My work is now on and you can follow me on

Level 10
Hi all, this was approved to be posted by mods a few years ago. Just a quick update letting you know this project has now been archived as per the edited first post above. Even though it's 2016, you may still get a kick out of it, maybe try it in 4K 🙂