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AMD Precisons Boost Overdrive question

Level 8

so i did a BIOS update (Crosshair Hero 7) this morning and i am a bit puzzled.

i bascially run my BIOS at default settings and only change the CPU voltage to 1.33v and activate standard DOCP.
in the past that resulted in an all core clock speed of around 4200mhz for my ryzen 3700x under full load.

now after the bios update (CH7 agesa i found myself stuck with a system that would not go over 3600mhz und all core full load.
yes i did a BIOS optimized default reset, i tried different windows 10 power plans etc.

after some fiddling around i changes the PBO setting in the BIOS from AUTO to ENABLED.
after that the all core clock speed is going up to 41xx mhz under full load.

now my question.... what is the standard behavior?
should a ryzen 3700x not boost higher than 3600mhz even when PBO is disabled?
i think i never changed that setting before. i always had it on AUTO. yet with the older bios under full load all cores are around 4200mhz.

why is AUTO basically the same as DISABLED? why do ASUS need two options to DISABLE a feature?

Level 8
1. Yes, Auto on PBO means disabled, at least for Asus.
2. DONT set a constant voltage for your CPU, i got the same CPU and coming from Intel, i dont know why to be honest, but setting a constant or offset voltage will cause the CPU to draw alot more power above 120W, getting into 90s and throttle.
3. Higher Frequency doesnt mean better performance, as an example, set your VCore to 1.0v, you will notice better boost clocks but worse results in benchmarks and games, again this is different than Intel.

so i dont have enough time to keep testing, after reading and seeing many videos and tutorials, the best thing is to leave the VCore on Auto as when the CPU is idle or light load the voltage is around 1.4v-1.5v and thats how its designed, when boosting the voltage decreases to around 1.25v-1.35v, set LLC in Bios to the one in the middle and go to PBO setting and set Temp to the throttling temp you wish, i set mine to 75 as i dont like to see my CPU go above it.

this gave me great results while keep the CPU cool.

Level 8
when i leave the voltage at auto i see voltages spikes as high as 1.5v.
as far as i remember the temps are higher on auto then with the 1.33v setting.

my cpu goes not higher than 70 degree celsius with the 1.33volt setting under full load (goes up and down between 67-70).

my use case is different to most peoples i guess as i have the system under full load most of the time (3d rendering).
single core performance is not important for me.