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Amazon RTX 3090 Strix Purchase: Error Redeeming Black Ops: Cold War and GeforceNow??

Level 7

I purchased my 3090 Strix from Amazon late last month and tried to submit the invoice from Amazon here so I can get the free Black Ops and GeforceNow codes. However, the website says this product's serial number line is not eligible for the promotion, which I don't understand? Â*The landing page has an option to submit the information via email to the ROG forums webmaster and I did this over 2 weeks ago but have not heard a reply.

I am hoping to play Black Ops soon, can someone from ASUS help me?

Thank you!*

Level 10
Same thing here with a 3080 Strix OC bought on the asus store. :mad:
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|/ Asus ROG Strix X670E-E Gaming WiFi.
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This promotion has been active for 3 weeks, how has this problem not been fixed? After a horrendous experience with my $750 Z490 Maximus Extreme motherboard (periodic system crashes, support team's best solution was a repair which would leave me without a computer for 2+ weeks. Armoury Crate would stop controlling the board and need a full OS reinstall to work again.), I went MSI and never looked back. Their support team has been fantastic in response to the two small issues I've had.

Then with the Strix standing out as one of the best 30 series cards in its class, I figured I'd give them another chance, and they can't even manage something as simple as a game promotion.

I feel bad because I know ASUS has incredible engineers, but their leadership seems to not care one bit about customer support/experience, because if they did, I expect we wouldn't have issues with something as simple as game code redemption.

Level 7
Also cannot redeem COD code

Bump—if anyone from ASUS can see this thread, please help! Many of us have this issue.

Level 7
Could not redeem my codes as well. I purchased the ASUS TUF 3080 and both the COD and Geforcenow codes wouldn't work.

i'm new in this forum, i also buyed a strix 3090 oc and same error.
I tryied to send a message to support, i'm still waiting for a reply.