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Amazon is selling used asus boards as new.

Level 7

I bought a asus z790-e wifi 2 on amazon as new and it came with a bent pin so i returned it and bought another keep in mind these are sold and shipped by amazon anyways i bought the second on and it came with a crumbled up asus sticker inside, no manual and fingerprints all over it with no peels like a new board should have anyways im in the return process with that one aswell.

what can i do about this? Amazon support said they dont sell used items listed as “new” and well ive gotten 2 used motherboard in a row soo?? Do i sue amazon? Do i just dispute the charge when i buy the third one? Or do i send back a box of bricks and dispute the charge?


Level 12

avoid amazon as much as possible for computer components, look first at online computer component sellers depending on your country, call them on the phone before buying and check their guarantees. if you have a real professional on the phone you will feel it