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After upgrading Maximus VII Gene z97 to Win10 1083 some sound outputs gone

Level 7
Since upgrading to Windows 10 1803 (released April 2018) I no longer have the center/sub and surround outputs (in the ROG sound manager). I can only output stereo. When you re-plug one of the jacks (center/sub or surround), windows detects it and then reports that it is an unsupported device. I've tried using the latest Realtek drivers and upgrading to the latest bios (released last month) and it still will only see the front left and right and the two inputs (line and mic).
Anyone got any ideas??? I hate to have to use TOS-link for audio.
Looks like this with missing ports.

Should look like this.

Level 12
I had plenty of strange problems with version 1803 on my old Maximus VII Z97 board.

For starters my Z97 board wouldn't even show up in the network, that alone had me running back to 1709. There were a few other network related issues with 1803 like certain Windows services turned off by default, not to mention they yanked out the Home Group functionality in a very half a**ed way, leaving many parts of it and the related services behind in the process. I'm pretty sure that if I taken the time to look I would have found the same issues as you found with the onboard audio.

I don't doubt there were other problems that I didn't have a chance to look for.

1803 was an unmitigated disaster for me on Z97, there were other issues as well. I wouldn't hesitate to go back to 1709.