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***4K UHD Wallpaper Competition*** Rules and voting

Level 10
Hi everyone,

First of all thanks for your participation to the Wallpaper Competition. In the past month we had some very good entries and now it's time to vote.

See all the entries here:

Please find below the rules:

Voting Rules

Public voting period: July 10th 12:01am (GMT +0) and will stop on July 24th 12:01am (GMT +0)

ROG forum members need to have 10 days membership on July 6th to have a maximum of 3 votes. The one under 10 days have the right to vote for only one entry.
ROG forum members have the right to vote one time during the public voting period.
ROG forum members can vote for a maximum of 3 entries.
ROG forum members can vote for the same wallpapers author, but for different wallpaper entry.
ROG forum members can't vote for their own wallpapers.
At the end of the public voting period, ROG staff from ASUS HQ will be chosen the winner from the top 10 entries.

We reserve the right to reject vote that do not meet requirements.

Voting format

Voting order doesn’t make any difference. One vote equal one point.
1 – Author’s name - Post #
2 – Author’s name – Post #
3 – Author’s name – Post #

Please post your vote in this thread.


  • ASUS PB287Q 4K UHD Monitor for the winner (ROG staff decide from top 10).
  • Maximus VII Gene and a ROG Front Base for the winner (ROG staff decide from top 10). The wallpaper’s author needs to have 30 days membership and 15 posts on ROG forum before July 5th.

Computex Prize

The winners will be chosen by ROG staff at ASUS HQ during the voting period. One game code will be chosen per best wallpaper based around each new product launched.

• Maximus VII Formula
• Maximus VII Impact
• Crossblade Ranger
• GR8
• G20
• GX500
• GK2000
• Gladius
• PG278Q
And don't forget, Keep pushing it !
118 REPLIES 118

1 – JASONTYLER – Post # #29
3 –WEEDARTWORK – Post #697-2

1 - Rbdperez – Post #250
2 - PinoyChaosX – Post #417
3 - Elstron – Post #415

It was hard decicion but these are which I liked the most. Somekind of binary based theme would have been cool. Good luck for contest!

Go ahead and translate it.

1- omaros – post #412
2- j0h1989 – post #238
3- king_bdd – #181
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Sajxi – post #204

Bozzified – post #369

mercwnz wrote:
Bozzified – post #369

xxzulaxx wrote:
Bozzified – post #369

not jumping to assumptions but..... yea..........
The day when we can no longer differentiate between computer and man is the day man no longer matters.....

All entries are awesome to me. Good luck everyone.

1 - andrew.mcwhae – post #320

guys any one know what will be the Computex Prize, little confused.

Level 7
1. Fettness – Post #681
2. Maikuchannn – Post #680-2
3. Carzone786 – Post #331

great job to everyone! some great stuff here
The day when we can no longer differentiate between computer and man is the day man no longer matters.....