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***4K UHD Wallpaper Competition*** Rules and voting

Level 10
Hi everyone,

First of all thanks for your participation to the Wallpaper Competition. In the past month we had some very good entries and now it's time to vote.

See all the entries here:

Please find below the rules:

Voting Rules

Public voting period: July 10th 12:01am (GMT +0) and will stop on July 24th 12:01am (GMT +0)

ROG forum members need to have 10 days membership on July 6th to have a maximum of 3 votes. The one under 10 days have the right to vote for only one entry.
ROG forum members have the right to vote one time during the public voting period.
ROG forum members can vote for a maximum of 3 entries.
ROG forum members can vote for the same wallpapers author, but for different wallpaper entry.
ROG forum members can't vote for their own wallpapers.
At the end of the public voting period, ROG staff from ASUS HQ will be chosen the winner from the top 10 entries.

We reserve the right to reject vote that do not meet requirements.

Voting format

Voting order doesn’t make any difference. One vote equal one point.
1 – Author’s name - Post #
2 – Author’s name – Post #
3 – Author’s name – Post #

Please post your vote in this thread.


  • ASUS PB287Q 4K UHD Monitor for the winner (ROG staff decide from top 10).
  • Maximus VII Gene and a ROG Front Base for the winner (ROG staff decide from top 10). The wallpaper’s author needs to have 30 days membership and 15 posts on ROG forum before July 5th.

Computex Prize

The winners will be chosen by ROG staff at ASUS HQ during the voting period. One game code will be chosen per best wallpaper based around each new product launched.

• Maximus VII Formula
• Maximus VII Impact
• Crossblade Ranger
• GR8
• G20
• GX500
• GK2000
• Gladius
• PG278Q
And don't forget, Keep pushing it !
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MarshallR@ASUS wrote:

To be honest I was surprised that more people didn't do more around the Computex products - we had ~1/2 entries only covering the three motherboards and only an 'indirect' entry for the GX500 (the winner was high quality but I feel the group would have chosen a more product-centric one

This is what's bizzare.. My wallpaper had a combination of products from Computex. I specifically targeted them. The new monitors, the g20, the keyboard etc.. Plus my other wallpaper had the new G500.
So I'm not sure what would be considered more product centric than that.

MarshallR@ASUS wrote:
It was always the case. It was never stated otherwise at any time. The fact is we amended the rules becauseof you guys; we REDUCED the new signup voting to just 1 vote instead of 3.
OK, maybe I / we misunderstood. I think AkaNe's post was a bit misleading, it sounded like you've changed the rules for new sign-ups afterwards... But never mind. It's not the case.

MarshallR@ASUS wrote:
It's just cynical to assume everyone new is 'cheating' when we've been through to check and there's no evidence of this. People are genuinely joining because they want to express their love for an entry.
I've never said that anyone in fact was cheating here. All I was saying was just simply discussing how many possibilities is there to cheat and I hope that you're aware of them (or at least take notice). But it was all theoretical. 🙂

MarshallR@ASUS wrote:
To be honest, number 10 got in with just 4 votes. Hardly overwhelmed with 'fake'/friends/new accounts.
I know, somebody even pointed that out already. There was probably no cheaters here - at leats there is no hard evidence for that... 😛

MarshallR@ASUS wrote:
Frankly I don't agree that you can look at 200 entries and decide a winner.
There wasn't even 200 votes, so you definitively wouldn't have to browse through so many entries. When you run this type of contest you have to predict how many entries there could be and how many people could vote (I know, it's difficult when you do this for the first time, but you already have some experience with these contests). Then you decide how many votes will qualify the entry (in my company the average is 30 votes, but it's a contest on facebook, so even though it's not global and the company doesn't have many fans, people still manage to get those votes). Then you get the most voted entries, but even if someone is cheating, they're not going to take out somebody else's entry. And since the jury picks a winner, everyone believes that it was a fair play. 🙂 For me that's a win-win situation. 🙂

Of course it's hard to pick the winner. It's always been. But that's the jury's problem in pretty much every contest. 😛

MarshallR@ASUS wrote:
An alternative could have been staff votes count for 3/5 versus 1 for fans
That's not a good idea. 😛

MarshallR@ASUS wrote:
We run the competition to drive signups and to drive recognition for the brand - we advertise it on our portals worldwide so of the 100,000s of people that see it, some will inevitably join because they really like a work.
Just as I said before - we'll see how many users will stay on the forums and how many will no longer appear. But it's seems like a very inefficient method, since there was more entries than votes. There should be at least 3 times more votes than entries, so the top 10 would be more accurate. You can achieve it on portals like facebook, but on the other hand there would be definitely somebody trying to cheat.
I think that the biggest problem here is that such forums are not popular nowadays. That's why the contest was more popular among the creators, rather than people who liked their work. These people will surely profit from the fact that they have more wallpapers to choose from, but they didn't seemed concerned enough to leave their votes. It's because people are lazy; they maybe looked through all the entries, but it was too complicated for them to vote, since you've had to create an account and leave a post in the forums.

But this is all just my opinion, and as I said to Knotic, after all you run the competition and you give out the prizes, so it's all up to you how you'll do it and who'll get the prize. 🙂

Thank you all for your entries and efforts, the prizes have been awarded and we're closing the competition now as no further discussion really required since everyone has made their points and it's been noted for next time.

Level 9
MarshallR@ASUS wrote:
Unfortunately Knotic has elected to remove himself from the competition after sending some abusive messages to staff. Surprising and completely out the blue, but there you go.
I was talking to him 2 weeks ago, he sent me a PM too. He was generally upset about the voting rules (that even users with 1-day membership can vote). He also mentioned that he's been considering to withdraw from the competition now that the new rules were applied and that he wouldn't even join the contest in the first place, if he knew that before. As far as I don't approve insulting other people (seems ridiculous, since he was picked as a winner), still I kinda understand his disappointment.

Whenever a public voting is allowed there is always some abuse involved. And there is more methods out there, than just creating multiple accounts from different e-mails / IP (for some people changing IP is just as easy as replacing a shoe). You can for example buy votes, exchange with other people (you vote for their entries in other contests, they vote for yours), ask friends to vote (or followers from your social media) etc.

MarshallR@ASUS wrote:
To be considered for the MB/Front Base prize. Voting is OK. We will check IP / email address anomalies on new signups 🙂
I wonder where this post is gone now, but anyway in my opinion this is just not enough. I'm not saying that the voting was some kind of a big fraud, yet still I'm wondering how many users registered here only to leave their vote and probably never come back... 😉

MarshallR@ASUS wrote:
The images were presented to a staff of 30 people without any names or identifiers attached. None of them have read the thread or seen the entries before this date.
It seems unfair that only ten entries were eligible to win. It's good that the ASUS staff has picked the winners, but still you could've been eliminated by people with fake votes, so the jury haven't even had a chance to see your entry (well it's actually hard to believe that none of them hadn't even take a brief look at a page that was open to public, but whatever :p).

The company that I work for is also running this type of competitions (for their facebook fans), but the rules are slightly different. You still have to receive a given number of votes for your entry (that's how you can build an audience for your page), but there is no limitation of entries that gets qualified to the finals, meaning that the jury has more entries to choose from and no one can complain that their entry was taken out by someone with "fake" votes. 🙂

And to make things clear - I don't feel aggrieved because of all this, since I received an *enormous* amount of votes for my entry (which is ONE vote, hooray! ;)). I wasn't doing it for the prizes, I mostly wanted to share my work with ROG fans and enthusiasts (I even have a proof that I wanted to submit wallpapers earlier, not for the contest, but was unable to register). But still I agree with the people saying that the voting rules were not too fair. I hope you can work on that for the future contests. 🙂

And congratulations to the winners, especially to you Nico J, since I voted for your winning entry. :cool:

pafflick wrote:
I was talking to him 2 weeks ago, he sent me a PM too.


Yeah, I got the PM too , some serious message to me 😄 , But forget it . . . , anyway , his artwork is good, so I appreciate it . . and I vote for him

pafflick wrote:

And to make things clear - I don't feel aggrieved because of all this, since I received an *enormous* amount of votes for my entry (which is ONE vote, hooray! )


Come on Mr. Pafflick , you must be kidding right 😉 lol , I really like it one, should I proof that your wallpaper was in my 14" laptop right now ? hahahhaha

pafflick wrote:

And congratulations to the winners, especially to you Nico J, since I voted for your winning entry.

Yeah, I'm so grateful for my 1st vote, and it's from you . .
And I'm so grateful that you can guest my 'base layout' just in minute for that entry 😛 , man , I was lough outlouds .
Let's get 32 Gigs of RAM for our brain ! , Be 100% creative 😄

Nico J wrote:
Come on Mr. Pafflick , you must be kidding right 😉 lol , I really like it one, should I proof that your wallpaper was in my 14" laptop right now ? hahahhaha
You don't have to, I believe you. 🙂 All I was saying is that I've got only one vote, so I wouldn't probably qualify even if they'd change the rules, like I suggested. 🙂

Level 18
MarshallR .. +((The level of respect offered to any and all that enter here is unequaled))
As always, exceptional goodSir. I love this bar. .c.

Level 15
I'll put together a 4K pack soon.

Unfortunately someone else has demanded we remove their entries too, so it will be minus a few from the total.

Level 10
honestly.. I agree with the fact that voting was a bad idea... and then to allow new members to vote!!!?? that was a poor choice. Its not the first ASUS contest I have seen that has been botched. Look at the 25th anniversary contest! The number of people who enter with the same product (pic from a different angle) is unreal.. yet their entry is still there. No one removes them for cheating. Now the new best friends contest!?? most votes on FB wins?? LOL thats a total joke.. for $20 you can get 1000's of votes. All entries in the contest should have been presented to the staff with NO OUTSIDE voting.

just my opinion.