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24 days

Level 7

This is my first time posting on the ROG forums, and with a good reason.
In december 2011 I bought myself a ASUS ROG laptop, the g53s. Last month 2012/04/15, the little pin inside the power input came off. After some research i found out that this was a common problem with the g53s series, there where many stories of people with the same problems and even solutions on how to prevent/fix this.
But i still had quite some time on my warranty left so i decided to RMA my laptop. I send it in on April 16, and i got an RMA verification of ASUS on april 18.
It is now May 11, and i have not seen a sign of my laptop. It has been in the same status for nearly a month now:
Waiting-[WB1] Wait for Material/Spare Parts

I have called 5 times and they keep brushing me off.
The first time i called was about 2 weeks after i send in my laptop. I asked them why the status of me laptop had not changed(reading on these forums most of the people received theirs back in about 8 days). They told me they would expedite the process.
The second time i called was a few days later. The status had not changed and i wanted to know why? ASUS told me they were very sorry for the inconvenience and that they would make my case a priority. A guy saying he was from the tech department called me back a few minutes later telling me they would look into it and that they would call me back within 48 hours.
The third time i called was 48 hours later. i had not received the promised phone call and wanted to know why. Again they apologized and promised me that this time they would definitely call me back within 48 hours with a status update this time.
The fourth time i called was earlier today. Again, 48 hours later. I did not receive the promised call, and again they promised me the EXACT same thing the last 2 times i called. I asked to speak to a manager or a supervisor, they connected me to a answering machine.
I called back 10 minutes later, the fifth time, to ask to talk to a supervisor, a manager or the tech department. They brushed me off smoothly and hung up.

I assure you i have never mistreated any of the people that i called, they are just doing their job. I have never been rude. I never got mad. I just want my laptop back 😞 its a 1200 dollar laptop and my main computer. I am now writing this on my wives 5 year old mac. I cannot get any work done nor can i play any of my favorite games that all seem to come out this month.
ASUS has let me down completely and is not treating me like a customer, they rather just promise me lies one after another.
I am thinking of taking this up with my lawyer, but i doubt there is much I can do. So i will be posting this every day, until I get my laptop back. That has been the only thing i wanted from the start. So it seems only fair.
Thank you for reading this.


Well, i trust you guys 🙂 but luckily my problem seems to be resolved. Today i called for the last time and a few hours later my status went from "Waiting for spare parts" to "ready for shipping".
Now lets just hope they shipped it back repaired 🙂

Now. i love asus products, and thats why i bought the laptop. I used to make all my computers with them, but that was when i lived in Europe. I have never experienced such bad customer service in my life here in USA, and that is really bringing them down. I will probably after this not buy ASUS anymore, at least not until they get their act together.

The RMA took 1 month
took 7 phone calls
they promised to call me back 3 times and never did.
I was patient for a month, and the last few days i just got mad because i lost a heap of money because of it 😞
anyway, lets hope i don't have to deal with RMA again, but if i have to i will make sure to post it here and to PM Mason.
Thank you for your help and support everyone!
I really appreciate it.

Level 7
in my opinion a company such as asus should treat there customers well.most of there products are top dollar and the best of the seems just by reading the forum here lateley that customer service for asus is horrible.i do see that mason goes above and beyond to help many on this forum,the real question is though why doesn't asus start treating there customers better.jmo
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Level 40
Both of you are correct. ASUS should provide better support to all their customers. And I hate it when folks say they are going to call you back and then they never do.

Please keep us all informed how it goes.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.