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2013 ROG Desktop Wallpaper Competition! [until 30th April]

Level 15
It's back! Our 2013 Wallpaper Competition is GO!

This year we are picking two winners who will each win a StarCraft II Heart of the Swam Collector's Edition boxset, plus an ROG Polo shirt!, while three runners up each get an ROG Polo shirt!

Box set info:

Key info:
Drop your wallpaper designs in this thread (either attached to the post or upload to an image hosting service - the full size must be linked somewhere) and be sure to follow the rules below.

Competition Rules

  • Submitted wallpapers must be at least 2560 x 1600 (16:9) or 2560 x 1440 (16:10) in resolution (to suit all monitors, including our new PB278Q!), while 5760 x 1080 are also accepted for triple-monitor users.
  • Entries must contain your name and the designs title. (Be inventive! We've got dozens of "ROG" titled and "untitled" ones)
  • There is no limit to the number of entries one person can submit, so long as they're unique.
  • Wallpapers must directly reference the ROG brand, any ROG product, or ROG history (we're 7 years old this year!)
  • We cannot accept entries that use copyrighted materials from other companies or brands. Not even Blizzard/StarCraft sorry.
  • They must remain tasteful (yes, we know you guys!): no nips or adult bits. We’ll be liberal, but ROG staff reserve the right to remove entries if they are not family friendly.
  • The competition ends on 30th April 2013 at 23:59pm (GMT) (measured by our ’slightly overclocked’ forum time)
  • The competition entries will be rounded up in the first week of May 2013 and voted on by ROG forum users (1 winner) and ROG staff (1 winner), along with the three runners up.
  • ROG will contact the winners by forum private message/registered email address – so please make sure these are monitored.
  • ROG reserves the right to upload any of the entries (along with due credit to the designer) to the ROG site downloads page when the competition is complete. Winners have 1 week to reply after the public announcement.
  • The prizes are non-exchangeable for cash or other items of the same value.
  • Please note the prizes will be posted in late May due to ROG Polo shirt availability.

EDIT 5th April - added 2560 x 1440 resolution option
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Level 7
Here's the first one:

ROG Ice Blue

More coming soon!

RoG Skewed
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This is my entry19732

my submission i hope everyone likes it. 🙂
The day when we can no longer differentiate between computer and man is the day man no longer matters.....


entry submission
The day when we can no longer differentiate between computer and man is the day man no longer matters.....

Alright, first wallpaper contest I enter... let's see what I can do.


Original here:

Hi Everyone!
-My first Wallpaper ROG 2013 "7 Years Champions"


Also with Asus Bar aveable in dl links:
1920x1200 No Bar
1920x1200 With Bar
2560x1600 No Bar
2560x1600 With Bar
Creativity comes with Progress«

Wow!..Cool stuff guys!!
This one is just using Photoshop default...... I intend to post more when I get time...

This is my second one.

Title: Let the gaming begin


This is my last.20096