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2 General Questions STRIX MOBO & WIN10/XBox One Controller

Level 7
Hello all have two questions I am hoping to get answers to and any help is appreciated. I will list sys specs below

ASUS ROG 350F Gaming Motherboard
Win 10 64Bit 1803 (OS Build 17134.523)
NZXT Phantom 820 with Kraken x62 and NZXT External Hub
XFX 850 Black Edition

First question is related to usb ports on the 350F. So in theory usb should support more devices than any one person would ever connect to their box. However for some reason it seems the usb ports are a little flakey when I have everything connected. I am using the six usb ports on the top of the 820. Using all but one of the external ports on the board. Also using the usb headers on the board with one being connected to the NZXT Hub. Sometimes there seem to be intermittent issues with them. Should not be an issue with the power supply as their is a XFX 850 Black Edition in there. In the past I have had almost all ASUS boards and it almost always seems there are issues with usb. Has anyone else experienced this?

Second Question this isn't really related to ROG Hardware more a Win10 Question - I have seen issues with getting Win10 to see my Xbox One controller. Yes it is definitely the Bluetooth one and yes I have a Bluetooth dongle. Have researched this and it just seems a lot of people have this issue that when clicking "Add Bluetooth Device" it never finds the Xbox One X controller. Also yes the firmware is updated on the controller. It works fine if I use the Xbox One X Wireless Device Peripheral but Bluetooth = No Dice. Below is what's listed for my Bluetooth Driver out of Device Manager

Broadcom BCM20702 Bluetooth 4.0 USB Device
Driver Version: 12.01.750

I mean even if there was some way to safely remove the driver or reset the Bluetooth stack. Unless there is a bad value for the Xbox Controller in the registry somewhere.

Again works if I use Microsoft's Wireless just annoying that the Bluetooth functionality isn't there.