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1 of 7 MOBO Temperature spikes between 0C and 127C continously.

Level 7
A couple of months ago I decided to do something about the CPU temperature, which originally showed at 28C on startup 4 years ago, but over the years has creeped up to 36-38C. The Corsair community suggested reapplying the thermal compound to my liquid cooler... which worked great and the CPU temp was back down to 27-28C!
A couple weeks ago I had some issues with a couple of fans starting to go bad. Yesterday I got them replaced. I fired up the Corsair Temperature Monitor software and I noticed the following under the heading Asus Maximus Extreme VI.
There are 7 temperature monitor points for the MOBO
Temp #1 26C
Temp #2 29C
Temp #3 26C
Temp #4 30C
Temp #5 48C
**Temp #6 This is the reason for the post. It spikes at 127C for a second and then 0C for 2-3 seconds, repeatedly.
Temp #7 36C
All the other temperatures are steady.

I'm not sure who to question about how to understand what is causing the Temp #6 spiking.
Is there a way to find out what the ASUS MOBO monitor points are. Maybe I have something blocked or covered.
I have extra external filters that I clean monthly and I open the PC up monthly and vacuum it .
I am putting the same question to the Corsair site. This may be what the Corsair Temperature Monitor software does if there is no Temp #6 monitor info. I just never noticed it before.

I greatly appreciate any suggestions. This Maximus Extreme VI was my first PC build and even though it is about 4-5 years old I still love this beast a lot.