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Z790-e gaming wifi optical audio frequent dropouts

Level 9
Asus rog strix z790-e gaming wifi. Optical audio out is cutting out/dropping several times per minute. It happens when plugged into multiple different DACs, and using several different optical cables. No problem with my older PCs optical out.

Happens on a clean install of windows 10.

Not using any extra audio stuff like dts, avolute, etc.

Using latest Realtek drivers 6.3.9600.2345. It also occurs on the older Asus provided drivers on the mobo support page.

Usb audio and hdmi audio are both working.

Lowered bitrate/sample rate and unchecked exclusive mode, nope.

Used the msi utility to turn on msi for the hd audio device, nope.

Can anyone confirm that optical out is working for them on a z790 board? Thanks.

I've been running into the same type issue where the optical sound just stops working. A reboot is the only way to get it working again.

It's never while in the middle of anything, it seems to be when attempting to play something from youtube in chrome? I can use it all day in a game, with no issues at all.

I'm using an old Tritton AXPro headset, which has worked with no issues on my previous w10 system. When the optical stops, I can swap to the USB out, and that still works. but the SPDIF remains mute until the reboot.

I'm on the latest drivers/firmware, as of the original system build on 2023-02-07

Level 7

I have exactly the same issue as darchik described. Optical sound output just stops working but not in the middle of playback, always in between. For example, watch youtube, pause, alt tab, alt tab back, resume, no sound. I also hear a loud crack when any audio starts playing.

When audio is dead, windows still reports that audio is playing, this must be hardware issue.

The only way to fix this is reboot or actually just sleep and wake up works most of the time too!

Realtek audio driver 6.3.6900.2342