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Z690 Maximus Hero | Hyper Card | Double booting issue

Level 7
Hi all

I recently bought 2 extra 4TB NVMe drives & thought I'd use the included Hyper card with my Z690 Maximus Hero build. I've already got 2 1TB Nvme drives on the MB 1 & 3 slots.

At first I boot & only see one drive. I then did some research & find that I need to select dual m.2 on the on board devices in bios. Once I did this, my pc boots & after about 10secs, it's stops then reboots. I don't think anything of it, as sometimes the bios needs to do its thing to recognise new changes.

Before the Hyper card, I could cold boot (after even turning the power switch on the psu), after a restart, after a shutdown & restart with no issues. No double booting.

Now, with the hypercard, it restarts from within windows fine, it shuts down & restarts fine. But the moment I flip the switch on the psu after shutting down it double boots. So previously (didn't have the best boot time) it would take 30sec boot into windows, now it takes 55sec due to the double boot.

If you want to know why I flip the psu switch in the first place... I live in South Africa & we experience loadshedding about 3-4 times per day, so when the power goes out I might as well flip the psu switch just incase there's a surge when they turn the power back on (extra safety seeing as I have a high spec surge multi plug for my pc anyways)

I'm on bios 2103 I think (there is a later one - 2204). I tried changing the tpm & cms settings in the bios to no avail. I also set everything in bios back to stock before the card was added & checked if it boots single time into windows after a cold boot - it did. So it's definitely hypercard related, possibly bios related.

Why am I experiencing the double boot? Is there a bios fix for it, that I need to wait for in future? I've posted a similar post in the 600/700 series motherboards thread. I was told I might get some more moderator attention in this forum. It's not a double post, just similar? 
MB: Asus Z690 Maximus hero
RAM: 2x32gb g.skill Trident Z 5600mhz ddr5
NVME: 2x Samsung nmve 1tb 980 pro
HYPERCARD: 2x Crucial P3 4TB nvme
CPU: i9-13900k
GPU: Gigabyte 3080 Ti Eagle OC
COOLER: Gigabyte waterforce 360
CASE: CM TD500 mesh
PSU: Corsair HX1000