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Z690 issue & solution compilation with bios 2004

Level 9

I updated to this version last week and have had some issues with it. As it's non-downgradable, I'm stuck for now. But am I?
Some folks were able to resolve their issues after some fiddling, so I thought it might help to put these things together in one place, while hopefully receiving a better bios version soon.
To me, it seemed (and made sense) as if the issues were different among DDR4 and DDR5 boards, but apart from that the issues sounded familiar throughout the whole portfolio of motherboards.

As an idea:

Issue: Board doesn't boot.
Solution: Memory training takes much longer with bios 2004. Wait a bit longer, have RAM re-trained, then turn on MRC fast boot.

Issue: RAM won't boot at previous speeds / certified settings.
Solution: Thorough CMOS clear with onboard jumper bridge might play a big role in a major version leap.

Level 9
Hi there,

There's already a large thread about this very issue. You can find it here

IF you like, you could repost this in the other thread. Better to keep all info in one place.


Level 12
Hi Radical_53,
May I double confirm you can turn on the pc on bios 2004 with bios all default settings(no OC), but the pc is no boot with only XMP I enabled? Or it is no boot with other options/settings enabled?
Is any Q-LED on when no boot?
Thank you.

Yes, that's exactly what happens. After flashing the bios (I did it twice, just to be sure and re-downloaded it in between) I would load optimized settings, boot, enable XMP, save settings -> no boot.
There's a QLED lit but I'll need to open the case to check which one.

Level 12
Hi Radical_53,
Thank you for your reply.
Have you tested ram stick in each ram slot one by one and there is no boot issue with all of the ram sticks and ram slots once XMP enabled?
Are you able to get .CMO file with XMP enabled?
May I have the following information?
- the serial number of the motherboard via PM
- .CMO file (If you can get it with XMP enabled)
- the brand and model name of your CPU, ram, graphics card, PSU and OS drive
(Please check the specific model name of ram such as G.SKILL F4-4600C18D-16GTRG.)
Thank you.

I'll gather the info and get back to you. So far I haven't tested the sticks one by one again as they were working flawlessly before the update.

Thanks again for the help. I may have found something, at least the system does things now it didn't do right before.

What I did:

- clear CMOS, thoroughly. I opened the case, put my jumper bridge in place and waited for a while for every cap to empty itself.
- made sure all the RAM sticks were properly in place
- started bios setup from scratch

I think for my particular issue the "ASUS user profile" memory setting was another culprit besides a thorough CMOS clear (something I hadn't dont for a while apparently). I started with XMP, set up my RAM and the machine booted fine again. I may even have gotten rid of an issue I had with my e-cores, so that's a big plus for the new bios so far!
What an adventure 😄

Level 12
Hi Radical_53,
Glad to see it is working fine.
Thank you for your update.