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Z690 Hero Audio Impedance Sensing Issue

Level 9
I have an issue with my motherboards Impedance Sensing. It is way off setting my headphone to over 1000 ohms when my headphone are rated 150 ohms. Pushing high amounts oh power into my headphones could cause damage.

I have tested the headphones on two of my other Asus motherboards and they are detecting the headphones correctly setting them to 150 ohms not popping and cracking etc.

I have also tested two other headphones that are rated at 30 ohms but this motherboard is pushing far too much power into them causing them to pop and crackle. I have tried reinstalling windows 11 I update my drivers using the motherboards Armoury Crate

I am using Realtek Audio Control driver version 6.3.9600.2299 UI Version:

I updated all my motherboard drivers using the Asus Armoury Crate.

Is this a known issue and is there a solution ? I have added a screen shot of the impedance setting it is forcing me to use.


Hi Chinoka,
Our tech team tested headphone at hand and it had similar impedance sensing issue but the issue was gone after update ALC4080/ALC4082 audio FW with the Realtek USB Audio Driver V6.3.9600.2307, so would like to check the FW version again.
However, it is glad to see you have no issue with the sound card.
Thank you.

This was the first driver that I have installed on my motherboard and found the impedance sense issue, and then searching for a fix I've found this thread:

and tested this releases and the issue is this there.

Best regards.

Level 9
I took the time to test it again. The issue is there.




Customer Service Agent
Hi Chinoka,
Thank you for your test and reply. I'll forward it to our tech team.
Please use the sound card first.
Thank you.

Customer Service Agent
Hi Chinoka,
I'm afraid our tech team don't have the same model headphone and tested other headphone with the latest audio FW but didn't found the same issue.
Since it is also pc case related, please try with other pc case or try with other audio mic headphone front panel cable.
If it is the same, probably the design of the motherboard is incompatible with your headphone model. Please plug your headphone into rear panel or connect the headphone via DAC.
Thank you.