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Z690-G system fails every 3 nights

Level 7
Consolidating some commentary to this thread.

For about the last month my Z690-G system has become unreliable; the typical failure mode is that I get up in the morning and find that at some point in the night, the machine has stopped responding, and the typical time of day that it has stopped responding will be 4-5 AM. When this happens, all USB devices with LED lights are turned off, and the only thing lit anywhere is the power LED.

I *am* able to hold the power button down for 5 seconds to get the system powered off, and then if I push it again, it will immediately power back on.

This latest time I decided to pop the side of the case off and take a look: all the fans had also stopped, all three chassis fans and both CPU fans.

I've done all the usual song and dance of unplugging all the external hardware except the keyboard & mouse, going back to a very basic Windows installation, ruling out every software possibility I can think of, etc. I've run a RAM tester for 16 hours with no issues, beaten the heck out of the CPU with Cinebench and Prime95, and these tests have found no problems.

I kind of suspect now that it has to be either the power supply (a 1000W Seasonic Prime PX-1000) or the motherboard. I can't imagine why it takes 3 nights for the trouble to reveal itself, but that's the behavior.

Any other ideas?

Level 7
You can "try" turning off C-States in BIOS, and setting your power options in windows to never put your computer in standby or sleep and keep it from turning off all USB stuff. Just to see what happens. Your system will use more power but not by much.

I had a similar problem, but not exact, and this cleared it up.
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Level 9
spatula75 I'm trying to reach you via PM as I'm having pretty much same issue for two months but you're not responding.

Level 13
My little advice to just insert a pair ram only. If you are using 16X4 kit in all 4 RAM slots, Just insert 2 RAM to channel 1and 3 slot. Test it out if the problems still persist. We need to zoom down the error part by part. Different system setup may present multi scenario.