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Z690 Extreme GPU Slot won't lock

Level 9
My Z690 Extreme GPU Slot won't lock at all, tried different cards, tried even a riser card and nothing locks in place. This caused my GPU to slide out when moving the case.
It appears an issue with the new unlocking feature.

Anyways board was in my return window, inform Newegg of the issue and they say send it back, so I do only for them to turn around and deny the RMA due to the broken slots I returned it for. So now I have no choice but to RMA it and take my chances that ASUS won't screw me and claimed I did it as well.

How do you damage a locking slot when you no longer have to touch it? Button was pressed before any card went in, there was no way I could damage it in any way.

So my question is this how much is ASUS going to gouge me to fix an issue that I never caused and was a manufacturing defect? Or will they reject it as well leaving me with a board I can't use
Am already going to be out the return shipping costs so how much more is this board going to cost me?