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XIII Hero 11900k, display doesn't turn on after AFK (iGPU)

Level 7

there's a weird problem with my XIII Hero (bios 1102), 11900k & iGPU (HDMI).
The PC has no external GPU.
I'm using the latest chipset & iGPU drivers.

After turning off the display, and going away for 10 mins+, when I come back the display stays black after turning on the monitor.
The PC has not crashed and is still working normally but there's no display signal. Replugging the HDMI cable doesn't help.
Also today for the first time, when I turned on the monitor after returning from AFK, the PC instantly rebooted.

iGPU never goes black or is unstable when using the PC. The PC finishes all stress tests such as prime95 8h+.

Maybe the iGPU somehow shuts down after getting too low voltage when the display is off?

All sleep modes have been disabled on Windows 10 settings. (The only setting: Display turns off after 15mins of idle).

Level 12
Hi Jaqey,

May I double confirm the model name is ROG MAXIMUS XIII HERO?
The latest bios version on our support site is 1007. May I know when and where did you download and update bios 1102?
Is the Intel(R) Graphics Accelerator Driver V27.20.100.9078?
Is there any error message after auto rebooted?
Have you restored bios to all default settings?
Could you please try other monitors and cables and then check again?
Thank you.