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x670e Hero and Q-Codes

Level 7

These codes cycle trough non-stop 57 56 55 58 53 54 52 61 60 62 59 while the majority is ingame a lot of them also appear on the desktop no idea whats wrong since everything works fine i guess, i can play games like valorant without issues and i also didnt notice any other Problems, i am still concered tho.

The Pc is new i just build it yesterday and got all drivers/bios up to date.

i appreciate any Help.

My Specs:

CPU: 7950x3d

GPU: 4090 Aorus Master

RAM: G.Skill Trident Z5 Neo 2x32 6000 CL30-40-40-96

Motherboard: x670e Hero




Level 14

That's your CPU temperature.  The display shows Q-codes during POST, then changes to temperature after control passes from the BIOS to the OS.

My cpu Temp didnt get over 72 since yesterday

The display is not showing you Q-codes when Windows is running.  It shows your current CPU temperature.  Q-codes are only shown before Windows loads.

ohhhh **bleep** okay thank you a lot, is there a way to turn that off? 

See "Q-Code LED Function" on page 47 of the Crosshair X670E Series BIOS Manual.  The display will not provide any useful diagnostic information when Windows are running.  Q-codes are only valid when the BIOS has control, or if the system fails before Windows starts to boot, and it will just stick on the last code (which does not tell you anything useful).

okay so i dont need to worry as long as my system runs