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X570-E: HP Reveb G2 issues after BIOS 3801 & AMD updates - ERROR 7-14

Level 7
Hi all

I have an X570-E Gaming with Ryzen 5900x. I cannot get an HP Reverb G2 to work ... I am constantly getting the 7-14 error (could not detect MR hedaset). It works on a prevous PC.

I've been tracking all the X570/Ryzen 5000 issues, and have installed the latest beta BIOS 3801 and the latest AMD Chipset drivers (

The PC obviously detects it to a point because it starts the install procedure. Unplug/replug - no joy. Different USB sockets - no joy. I have not yet tried the front USB ports or a hub (cable wont reach - may need extension).

PCIe generation in the BIOS is all set to auto. I have not (yet) set it to GEN 3. I have an RTX3080, and 2 x Samsung 980 Pro SSD's - I would prefer GEN 4 so I get the best out of these.

Any thoughts?

Has anyone been able to get this to work after the latest updates, without the usual suggested workarounds of going back to PCIE GEN 3, powered USB hubs?

Perhaps this beta still isnt rock solid yet - more changes to come in BIOS and chipset?

All assistance much appreciated!



Level 9
Hi Doogz,

Sorry to hear that. Make sure you are running at stock and not overclocking the processor. Please disable Global C-state contorl in Advanced / AMD CBS/ Global C-State Control. Please PM me if you have any questions.