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Win 11 and AUS ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO(Wi-Fi) - Super long boot time at ROG logo

Level 7
When my PC boots up it goes through the BIOs first asking if I want enter them. This does not happen every boot. Then it skips to the ROG logo and stays there sometimes up to 5 minutes with the little circle icon spinning. My keyboard and mouse become inactive again until it finally loads windows 11. My performance is perfectly fine after and runs as usual. My OS Is loaded on an M.2 slot and solid state so it should boot within seconds like it used to. \

What I tried
- I disabled secure boot and fast boot, it did not seem to make a difference.
- Disabled start up applications. I don't have many but it didnt do much
- I booted in safe mode which did make it boot fast but I am unsure what else to check there.

Other PC Info -
- 32 GB DRAM
- intel i& 9700k @ 3.60 ghz
- Win 11 pro 2!H2 fully patched/updated

Level 13
It could be your RAM giving problems,

Please indicate your ram type and how your ram insert sequence slot for fellows members to provide further assessment.

I am unsure how to exactly check that but there are four slots and each one has a Patriot Viper Gaming RGB Series DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz 8GB stick in it

Level 13
Did you purchase the ram kit recommended by Asus QVL? And, did you bought the RAM in quad set (4X8GB in single package) or 2 separate pair set with two different package. Have you try just 2 ram stick ( assume you bought 2X8GB pair in running serial number) on the mother board?

No I purchased two sets of these:

I have not tried to use only two 8gb at a time. Is there a certain configuration for that?

It appears it was a carbon black sensor i put on this when I was testing it out. I removed it and its been back to normal