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When will ASUS release BIOS update for AMD FTPM Stutter to ROG laptop ?

Level 8
My laptop model is Strix scar 2021 G733QS R7+3080.

I have been waiting for so long since last year about stuttering problem (screen stutter , robotic sound crack). I found this topics on Reddit which has the same problem as mine.

Try many solution to solve it but not work at all , at first I think that I got a defective product but after a while I heard that AMD announced that is a bug from FTPM and it will be fix on early may .

AMD also give an advise to disable FTPM before getting bios update that will be launch on May.I also know that on other laptop they have an option to disable FTPM (for ex. Lenovo Legion )but I don't know why on ASUS laptop there's no option for disable FTPM.

Now I saw that MB on PC already got beta bios update for AGESA since early may but on the ASUS laptop still ain't. I hope that BIOS update will release soon.

Official problem source from AMD

Example of stuttering

Level 7
Nope. And ASUS dont give a damn about it. They release never devices every year so the older models like 2021 maybe already on the back if their head, so just suck it up and good luck to us.

And I kinda have to hate on all the reviewers online, I watched a lot of those before buying the unit and noone mentioned this bug. Actually noone mentioned a lot of the bugs. For instance my units liquid metal had spilled everywhere before even getting to me.

Isn't it possible to disable it by software?, like in the windows device manager or through regedit?

maximo58 wrote:
Isn't it possible to disable it by software?, like in the windows device manager or through regedit?

No. It must be disabled via the BIOS.

I also have the G17 with Ryzen 5900HX and 3070, and this issue (which is absolutely caused by the fTPM bug acknowledged by AMD, regardless of what ASUS says to try to weasel out of it) makes the laptop useless for my main purpose, which is live professional audio. The "stutter" shows up in the audio playback and throws off timing, ruining a performance.

That said, my system did just get a BIOS update to version 330 yesterday, so I'm hoping (but prepared for disappointment once again) that this one includes AGESA from AMD which is known to fix the issue.

It just blows my mind that the ASUS BIOS engineers that work on their desktop motherboards seem to be completely on the ball about this (pretty much every one of their DT motherboards now has AGESA and no more stuttering with fTPM), but their laptop division seems desparate to remain in denial about this obvious problem, which has an obvious and simple solution.

Level 7
Yeah I have a g17 from 2021 wih 5900hx as well, that issue has been frustrating me for months now. If that doesn't get fixed soon, cuz last bios wasn't it, I'm never buying anything asus ever again.