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WHEA errors with PCI-E NPM enabled z690

Level 7
Is there any update on the WHEA errors with PCI-E NPM enabled? Will there be a combination of firmware and drivers that fix this? Does this happen on z790? I'm just curious if it is being worked on or is turning off NPM considered the permanent solution?

Level 12
Hi Schug,
The WHEA 17 Error on ASUS motherboards is a Gen4 signal, M.2 SSD and related driver compatibility message, not a hardware design issue on the motherboard itself, and does not affect PCIE and M.2 related functions.
The PCIe slot and M.2 slot related signals on our motherboards are also far superior to the design specifications.

If you use Windows 10, we recommend that you consider upgrading to Windows 11. However, if you use Windows 11 but still experiencing this issue with the latest BIOS and have concerns, we recommend that you consider disabling the PCI Express Native Power Management feature in your BIOS to avoid a WHEA 17 error. Disabling this option will have little impact on normal usage, so please don't worry.

If you have other usage anomalies, we may suggest you to check your peripherals.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may cause.