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Vp32uq endlessly flashing no signal screen (distracting, power waste)

Level 9
Vp32uq monitor. When the monitor is turned on with any hdmi or displayport cable plugged into it, it repeatedly flashes the bright blue no signal screen every 10 seconds. It should flash no signal once, and then stay blank, instead of flashing no signal endlessly.

There doesn't need to be any output device on the other end of the cable for this to happen. Just plug any cable into it and it starts flashing the no signal screen. This is very distracting and wastes power.

I've tried this with a number of different cables.

Doesn't happen if there is no cable plugged in.

Again, this is Device Independent. Nothing is plugged into the other end of the cable. Although yes, it does happen if something is plugged in at the other end of the cable and turned off.

The monitor doesn't have a problem displaying a signal when a device is plugged in to hdmi or dp and turned on.

If this can't be resolved I'll have to return the monitor and get a BenQ or something.

Customer Service Agent
Hello, Xmptroubles.

May I ask if your monitor works properly after connecting the output device and selecting the correct signal source?
In addition to flashing blue, are there other colors such as green and red that alternate?

Please refer to the link below, reset the monitor to its initial value, and confirm if the issue still exists.

Thank you.

Level 9
It has nothing to do with an output device. As soon as you plug an hdmi or dp cable into it, it starts flashing no signal. There isn't any device on the other end.

No other colors.

Resetting monitor settings did nothing. This is a Firmware problem that Asus needs to fix on their end.

I've bought Asus for years and quality/stability has dropped straight off a cliff. I'll just return the thing.