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USB Microphone (w/ USB Audio Interface) problem on ROG Zephyrus M16

Level 7

I recently bought ROG Zephyrus M16 (GU603HE-I7G3050TEC) and am trying to use AKG Lyra, a USB Microphone. The OS has been upgraded to the latest Windows 11 Home and I believe I have all ASUS utilities, BIOS, drivers, etc., up-to-date.

For some reason, the audio quality is terrible -- very condensed, noisy, and too fast. The AKG mic (which has its own USB Audio Interface) is perfectly fine with other Win11 laptops, so it seems it is not a hardware failure of the mic.

Also, other USB mics without USB Audio (I tested with Maranz MPM2000U and Razer Seiren Mini) are fine with this ROG laoptop. So I guess some ASUS-specific driver or such are messing with AKG Lyra's USB Audio, but I couldn't figure out the culprit. Any advice?

Thanks in advance!

beeugene wrote:

I have the same issue.
The problem is in the Intel ISST driver.
I also noticed when the audio is muted - a strange noise appears whenever any sound is played - here is an example .


Does this situation still exist after Windows Update?

Yes, I've already passed two service centers, also It seems a common problem

Level 8

So, while I've tried to solve my problem with AKG Lyra - here what I've found on Intel site , maybe this info also will be usefull.

Level 8

Level 8

I found a workaround - plug it in via a hub (I use ugreen 20265), then it is detected the same way, but works normally.