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Unable to order a repair for several parts

Level 7
Good day,

I've a Maximus IX Formula and 2 1080ti Poseidons in my rig.
The motherboard and one of the GPUs have (not so recently) stopped working.
Fortunately, both are still under valid warranty, but it seem like I'm not able to order a repair.
Customer Service agents are bouncing me from one another, telling me that the parts I own cannot be repaired in my country, and that there's nothing to be done.
After insisting and asking to speak to a manager, we find out there are other possible solutions.
An agreement has been made, to ship the parts to the repair center in Czech republic, and that I have to pay a small handling fee.
I asked the representative on how the payment and shipment of the parts is gonna happen (since I've been told Asus will ship the items for me), and I hit several weeks of silence.
Insisting on speaking to a manager again (after being accused of lying by CS reps, and that 'shipping items to the Czech republic is not something Asus will ever do') I've been told that Asus (without letting me know) decided to not ship my parts.
I'm still able to ship them on my own, and Asus will still repair the parts, but that got me very confused and frankly, annoyed.
I looked into personal shipping of the parts to the Czech republic, as I still want to have my parts (still under valid warranty, even after dealing with CS reps for nearly 3 months now, mostly due to weeks of silence/waiting for a reply on Asus' end.) and notified Asus that I'm willing to go through with it, but I will need an RMA and, of course, ask how am I supposed to pay Asus the handling fee.
Again, a full week of silence, only to be replied with 'Asus has changed it's mind. We will still repair your parts, but now you have to ship them TO and FROM the Czech republic personally.'

It's been years and years that I've been buying only Asus products, as far as I could find them.
ROG laptops, Monitors, PC parts (earliest model I can recall, and is still in it's box next to me, is a GT520, and I know there were other, older parts.)
I've been an Asus customer for over a decade, and I've never had this experience with a faulty product before, nor this kind of experience with CS before.
Is this normal, that the company changes it's policy on a whim, agreeing to specific terms only to change them later?
Shipping the parts out of my own pocket to and from the Czech republic is proving to cost nearly as much as the parts cost me, back when I purchased them.

P.S. - Still can't get an RMA for my parts.

Level 10
Hello RTGGary,
I'm really sorry about this.
Please PM me your SN and the case No.
I will look into your case.
Thank you very much.