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TURBO-RTX2080TI-11G with three LG 27GN800-B monitors @ 7680x1440 HDR not working

Level 7

I have three 27" LG monitors that support HDR. However, when I run them in Surround Display by Nvidia @ 7680x1440, Windows 11 OS says that HDR is not supported. I use these monitors in games and other apps at this resolution and HDR should work, am I missing something? I've added the Drivers for the Monitors in device manager and the Nvidia Drivers are up to date (just updated). I don't know what else to do but return the monitors as they don't work.

X299 Deluxe Prime Asus Motherboard
LG 27GN800-B
Windows 11 64 Bit

Level 12
Hi Ashton Scott,
If you only connect one monitor, does it still show that HDR is not supported? Please try DP and HDMI one by one.
May I have a screenshot how you check HDR support in windows 11?
Thank you.