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Tuf Gaming 3080 ti on x570E Gaming - "VGA" mode issues

Level 7
Strange issue on an upgrade to an existing PC, Asus X570E Gaming, Ryzen 9 5900, 64GB. It has had an MSI 2060 Super in it all working fine, with DisplayPort connection into a Samsung CRG90 49" widescreen.

I just installed the Tuf Gaming 3080 ti and while it boots, it will not initiate "VGA" mode on its way through BIOS, and the motherboard retains its white "VGA" boot issue LED lit all the time. If I connect over HDMI to the Samsung same issue happens.

If I connect to an old LG 27" monitor I have it works fine, initiates VGA mode, BIOS is accessible, and the PC boots fully without the VGA fail white LED lighting up.

I'm at a bit of a loss to work out what the issue is, whether it's the card, the motherboard or the monitor. Anyone got any ideas?

Level 7
The only problem that I'm seeing right now after the update is that the resolution during Windows boot isn't the native 2560x1440 but something much lower. It's strange because my older card (1080Ti) was working fine - and that card was also connected by DisplayPort.

It's not too problematic, however, if there is a possibility to fix this, it would be great. Does anyone have any suggestions on how can this be resolved?

Customer Service Agent
Hi Juggernwr,
Could you please create other thread about TUF-RTX3080-O10G discussion?
Thank you.