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TUF F15 FX506LU-HN225T Temperature Values and Thermal Paste Change Frequency?

Level 7
I have Asus TUF F15 FX506LU-HN225T Model Laptop. I get an average of 135 FPS in Performance mode in CS:GO. My processor temperature is between 75-85 degrees, my graphics card temperature is around 70-82 degrees, are these values normal? I saw 95 degrees in ETS2, should I send the laptop to the service and change the thermal paste?
Do you think a gaming laptop's thermal paste should be changed every few months or every few years? Is there a specific time?

Customer Service Agent
Hi MrTechnician,
If there is no issue, it is not necessary to change the thermal paste.
If the temperature is usual 95°C or higher, please backup your personal files and send the laptop to our local service center for examination.
Thank you.

Level 11
Depending on how new it is and how competent you are it may be worth having a shot yourself first.
I couldn't even get a quote for specific works to be carried out without sending the machine in. That and if they find it within spec they can charge you for that and the return too.

If you have no warranty and don't mind being hands on, have a look around and see what people have done with the machine and what results they get, YT and Reddit are great sources of info. My A15 FA506QR ran pretty toasty as stock too, Ended up having a "professional" do some work inside warranty, they screwed up 3 times and I did it myself in the end. The results are much better but it was a bit of a trial and error situation.

My biggest gains came from opening up some more vents in the back of the chassis, mainly over the fans but several over other areas and using a custom cooling tray. the air flow in the TUF range is terrible.