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Strix z590 gaming e help please.

Level 7
Hi I am just trying to figure out if Microsoft have fixed any issues with the windows 11 22h2 update. The reasons I am asking are as follows.
October last year my PC did the 22h2 update and there was no wat I knew to stop it and also in the past I have had no issues.
This time around I came across so many issues that I needed to purchase a new motherboard.
I was and still am (all be it a new motherboard) using the Asus ROG Strix Z590 gaming E and an i711700k CPU, and a corsair HX750i PSU and a GALAX GTX 1080 HOF GPU. And a Samsung NVMe 950 pro 512GB M.2
So after the update I changed the 24 pin, CPU and PCIe PSU cables to ones that I had purchased from an Australian company. I also changed my graphics card over to a ASUS TUF RX 6800XT from the GALAX. I was told from the shop I purchased the graphics card that I shouldn’t need to run DDU So I just installed with the new PSU cables and restarted my PC and instantly started to get blue screens, my keyboard and mouse were not recognized and eventually my built in WiFi was not recognized and getting a Debug code of 00 so there was nothing I could do. Every time I tried to do anything such as reinstall Windows 10 or run DDU the whole system froze. I took the motherboard back to where I purchased it along with my PSU and the checked everything and told me that it was all running well and the PSU past all the checks, so it wasn’t the PSU cables, they even said that they had updated the BIOS as mine was so old. I reinstalled the original PSU cables before restarting the PC at home but instantly had the same issues and nothing had changed. I ended up purchasing another motherboard the same as what I had before along with the i711700K I already owned and loaded up Windows 10 home 64 Bit. I have not done any changes in the BIOS or with in Windows that would allow windows 11 to install and the whole system is running very well with no issues apart from the fans ramping up.
So, to my original question on whether Microsoft have done any improvements to its Windows 11 updates? I am getting eager to update my BIOS to the latest one even though I am not experiencing any issues other than the fans ramping up (there is supposedly a fix for this in one of the BIOS versions) this will however also make all the adjustments for my motherboard to update to Windows 11 Which I am desperate to stay away from due to my past experiences. Can anyone help with this question please.

Customer Service Agent
Hello, Boydie66.

Does your problem still exist?
May I ask if you tried to cross-test with the previous PSU after the problem occurred when you replaced the PSU?
What is the current BIOS version used, the content of the setting in BIOS (or whether it is the default), the brand and model of your memory?
Are the unrecognized keyboard and mouse connected via Bluetooth?

In addition, according to your description and the appearance of Q-code 00 according to the link below, it is possible that the CPU or related components are not fully connected.

Thank you.
sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂