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Strix Z490-A

Level 12
I have always used a physical drive bay fan controller to control radiator fans. With my new Strix Z490-A build, I wanted to use Q-Fan on mobo to control fan speed. I have 2X 360 radiators, so there are 6 fans to control. I already had fans from previous build, so I used them. They are Thermaltake Pure12 ARGB Sync. The packaging says PWM 500-1500 RPM. I then bought a Coolermaster Masterfan PWM Hub (MFX-MHHN-10NN1-R1). This is a 10 port hub. Fans are all connected proper, SATA power connected, and signal cable plugged into the CPU fan header.

I go into BIOS and set up fan curve. Fans will only run at 100%. Will not throttle down. It doesnt matter if set to PWM or DC in BIOS. Do I have the wrong fans?

On another note. I am running an i9-10850 on the board. Stock voltages seem insane. This mobo is giving the CPU 1.6v at stock settings! Hell, the only time I have seen voltage that high, was benching my i7-3930K at 5200mhz! And did 5200 at 1.59v with the 3030K. Is there something wrong, or is that normal for a GEN 10 CPU? Also, can only get 5100mhz on all cores stable using 1.465v. Is 1.6V safe for these CPUs?

One last thing. I purchased some G.Skill TridentZ Royal 4000mhz memory for the system. Upon receiving it from Newegg, there was no factory seal on the product packaging. I found that rather strange. Is this normal for TridentZ memory? I have bought G.Skill memory before and it had a factory seal or was blister-packed. Actually, any computer component I have bought had a factory seal on packaging.
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