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Strix G731GW, black horizontal lines at the bottom of the screen

Level 7
Hello and thank you for helping me.
I have black horizontal lines at the bottom of the screen. The first time they appeared was after closing a certain game.
They DO NOT appear in screenshots.
They DO appear in safe mode.
They DO appear in bios menu.
They DO appear in clean boot.
They DO NOT appear in other displays using hdmi
However, this will get complicated a bit: Changing the refresh rate from 240hz to 60hz then back to 240hz clears the lines for the 240hz, but only if the 60hz had the lines. However it is not a true solution, because turning off the screen or putting the laptop to sleep, brings the lines back.
Turning off the screen at 60hz removes the lines if they exist, or bring them back if they don't (kind of like a switch).
The only weird solution I found is to switch from 240hz to 60hz, then turn off the screen if the lines aren't there, then once I have the lines back, switch back to 240hz. I don't think it is hardware related due to this weird temporary fix.
(everything bios, windows, apps, drivers are up to date)
OS: Windows 10 64bit
Bios: G731GW.308
Edit: Update: The previous solution works rarely now, however turning off the laptop while using 240hz and then turning it on again, clears the lines (must be a shut down then start up, cuz reboot didn't solve it)
Video upload:

Level 12
Hi AhmadHaimour,
Do you also have G731GW?
May I have your BIOS and display driver version?
Thank you.

Level 9
Hello Gustav,
Would you mind to take some picture of the issue on your laptop ?
Thank you.