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STRIX 4090 - No video during POST

Level 7

*I have a z690 Apex/12900k and an Asus Strix 4090 OC GPU, all powered by a Corsair AX1600i This issue doesn’t happen with my 3090ti or 3090 Strix but only with 4090 Strix. When I turn on the computer from shutdown, no video shows during POST. I don’t see the BIOS splash. If I do mash DEL to enter BIOS while the screen is black, I do not see the BIOS on screen. Have update and reset lasted BIOS

I only have this problem when I am using HDMI ; doesn’t happen when using DP*
*Thank you

Level 12
Hi sinmurv,
Have updated GPU vbios v1 from our support site?
Is there no issue after boot into windows whether HDMI or DP connection?
If you enable CSM in bios with DP connection and then change to HDMI after shutdown, does it show the bios splash screen and bios screen after pressed DEL?
Thank you.