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SSD Hot-Swap Problem

Level 7
AMD Ryzen 9 3900, ASUS X570-E, Vengeance 2x16 RAM

I have 2 SATA Samsung 870QVO SSD drives connected to motherboard SATA3 & SATA4 respectively, both with hot-swap disabled in the BIOS, drive letters S: & Z: I also have 1 SATA HDD connected to motherboard SATA1 with hot-swap enabled in the BIOS, drive letter B:

In Windows, I see drives S: & Z: as expected. When I insert the hot-swap drive B:, drives S: & Z: disappear. The only way to get them back is a reboot, sometimes I might even have to power off/on. My BIOS is 4002. In all other respects the 870QVO's work fine.

If I use 2 SATA HDDs in motherboard SATA3 and SATA4 instead of the Samsung 870QVO SSDs everything works as it should.
I'm stumped.

Customer Service Agent
Hi ragkag,
Did it also occur in bios?
Have you restored bios to all default settings and only with hot-swap enabled?
If yes, please update bios to the latest 4201 and restored bios to all default settings and only with hot-swap enabled.
If it still occur, please change the 2 SSD drives and the HDD to other SATA slots and then try again.
Thank you.

I did try the other SATA slots but that didn't help. I did not try updating the BIOS because there was no indication that there were any changes that would help me. I did return the two Samsung drives and replaced with WD and everything worked fine. The 870QVOs are on the QVL list so I'm not sure what was going on.
I've used many Samsung drives without issue.

Thanks for trying... much appreciated.

Customer Service Agent
Hi ragkag,
I'm not sure if the two Samsung drives are defect.
Thank you for your reply and update.

I really didn't think so either but I had two other SSDs that did work so I figured I better return them just in case I couldn't get them to work.
The QVOs and WDs are pretty much the same and the WDs are working fine... win win.