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[SPD Write Protection = FALSE] and my Z690 Extreme hangs on boot.

Level 9
Hi all.

I'm using a Z690 Extreme mobo with 4 sticks of 6200MHz SK Hinyx downclocked at 5.2GHz for stability reasons.
Using corsair iCue to drive the RGB on my RAM sticks.

I can stress test my PC with every possible software for days and there is no errors and no crash but if disable the SPD Write Protection in BIOS to let iCue control my RGB LEDs on the RAM sticks I have a problem.

With SPD Write Protection disabled, from time to time, RGB on my RAM sticks stops working, when they stops working the PC continue to work ok,
but if I reboot when the RGB are freezed, the PC hangs on boot in the initial stage of the POST process.

The OLED shows the "Detecting memory" msg and the two digit displays shows 00.

Is there someone working on this issue in Asus?

Customer Service Agent
Hi sblantipodi,
Sorry I cannot make sure how our RMA center would handle it, but I can inform our RMA center to look after your case if you share me our RMA number via pm or inform me when the reseller sent your motherboard to our RMA first.
Also, although our RMA center provides replacement after examination, it would be refurbished one.
Thank you.

Customer Service Agent
Hi sblantipodi,
For Corsair ram RGB lighting issue, Corsair have released iCUE v4.29.203 on their site.
Thank you.