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Scar 15 (2021) Motherboard warranty issue

Level 7
When i first got the laptop back in May 2021 it was perfect up until it forced me to update certain softwares on the laptop. Since it's a new laptop i obliged and updated everything it threw at me. Earlier to the updates I was running the laptop on iGPU mode and i had no issue with it whatsoever. Post updates the iGPU was turned on by default after restart and a minute into the usage i had a BSOD. I figured it was the new updates, so i uninstalled the recent updates and the BSOD stopped but whenever i turned on iGPU mode the laptop used to freeze and crash. It wouldn't turn on until and unless i plug it into the battery. I turned off iGPU mode and the laptop worked fine on battery, so i started using it that way hoping it would fix itself in the future updates.

Last week i was at work there wasn't any charging port near me so i thought I can use the laptop for longer by disabling the Nvidia GPU so that's what i did (turned on iGPU mode), it worked fine for few mins and then immediately froze and crashed. I tried to turn it on but it wouldn't budge. After reaching home an hour later i plugged it in to power and after 10mins of a keyboard light show it turned on. Next day (11th Sept 2021) i contacted support and they told me to update the bios to fix the issue. I didn't have the latest version of bios so they linked me their recent version which i installed but it didn't update in the "system information" so they said they'll send an engineer to look it up. Up until this point the laptop was running on iGPU while connected to power so I turned off the iGPU mode and went back to using it on battery in the living room. After a while it was low on power so i plugged it into power and the laptop indicated that it was plugged in and showed a plugged in sign. I got up to plug in my mouse and after I plugged in the mouse I used the laptop for a minute after which it turned off completely. I assumed it ran out of power, so checked if the switch was off or on, it was on. Then I tried to turn it on by clicking the power button. Nothing happened, there was no indication that it was being charged as well, earlier it used to show a white light showing it was being charged.

Few mins later the Asus Engineer called me and asked me what the issue was, i explained him that it worked fine like 30mins ago and it just stopped working completely for no reason. He immediately said it might be an adapter issue and said he'd order an adapter. Later i told him the adapter is fine but he wouldn't listen. I asked him when he'd visit and he said he'd come on Monday (13th Sept 2021). On Monday he wouldn't respond to my calls no matter how many times i called him, on tuesday he wouldn't respond to my calls again. So i contacted support from MyAsus and they said the guy visited my home on Monday and he ordered an adapter after checking the laptop (Right.), I tell them no one showed up on Monday and the guy wouldn't lift my phone calls at all. So they assigned my issue to another engineer who called me on Wednesday morning and said he will be visiting that day itself. At around 8pm i called him and he says he'll visit the next day in the morning as the adapter they ordered reached them late. I call him at 11am and he tells me it'll take few more hours to visit.

On Thursday (after 5 days of reporting an issue) at around 3PM the Asus Engineer finally visited to check my laptop. He comes and plugs in the new adapter and the laptop doesn't turn on. He proceeds to unscrew the backplate and unplugs the battery and tries to turn it on again, nothing happened. Then he starts unscrewing the motherboard and turns it over and here's the culprit, there was a black burnt spot under the motherboard area which according to him has stopped all power from passing through the laptop completely. He immediately says this is a CID and I most probably wouldn't be given a warranty and starts explaining how this could happen. I was completely shocked by his response!? and told him none of those scenarios caused this issue ( This is a "Gaming Laptop" it's fully utilised only while it's plugged into power and this issue happened while it was plugged into power. I get it that these things happen, but how is it my fault? ). The Engineer then proceeds to take pictures of the MB and sends it to someone asking if I could get an approval on this for a replacement under warranty and tells me that they'll let me know about the approval by Saturday (18th Sept 2021) followed by saying that Asus mostly denies these kinds of issues and I'll be charged for the replacement even though it's still under warranty.

Skipping to today (19th Sept 2021), I have no response from Asus or this so called engineer, he keeps ignoring my calls, emails and doesn't even respond to my messages. The MyAsus online chat seems to have been down since Saturday as it won't let me connect to them even during their work hours (9AM-6PM). I honestly just want to know will the laptop ever be fixed under warranty. I haven't done anything wrong with it. The damage was never induced by my carelessness. I was using it like how i used to use it everyday for the past 3 months or so.

RMA showing the date I applied and my appointment date.
I have to start working again from tomorrow and It's been well over a week since the service request and this is how it's going, I barely get any response from the service centre plus the laptop has been broken for over a week now delaying my work even more and the service guy just keeps ignoring my calls. Please help me solve this issue asap.

Customer Service Agent
Hi ArishemTJ,

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
May I have the serial number of your laptop and repair number via PM?
Thank you.