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Rog Zephyrus G14 GA4101QC - USB-C insufficient power supply to read the disc

Level 7

I have got problem with right USB C slot - external disc (HDD) connected to this slot via HUB is not uploading, somehow is connected but the content is not displayed. It lets read only devices with low power consumption - SD card, disc with external power supply.
At the same time left USB C assure full connection and reading of few disc (joined via same hub) and so do normal USB slots (with market cheap hub).
This looks as the right USB C slot does not assure enough power to start /fully upload external disc. So means, is non-functional.
Is this poor function inline with the function design and common for all models from the serie or should be treated as this particular product failure.
Has anyone similar problem?

Can you please help clarify? (The drivers were reseted already and with no improvement).

Thanks in advance.