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ROG Strix z690A Gaming WiFi WHEa 17 Errors

Level 7
Swapped my fully functioning 3090RTX, 9900K, Z390 Gigabyte Designare setup for a brand new Z690 and 12900K rig.

After swapping all components over to the Gaming Wifi MOBO and 12900k combo, install WIN 11 and I get thousands of WHEA errors for ven_8086&dev_ 460d&SUBSYS_86941043&REV_02

I also get random hangup, BSODS, and straight crashes.

I'm a day of frustration away from RMA. I swapped back to old system and all works perfectly with 9900k and Z390 mobo, so the only possible hardware issue is the mobo or CPU....I guessing this is a mobo hardware component issue.

PCI ID Repository suggests it is a 12th Gen Core Processor PCI Express x16 Controller #1.

Device manager showed no issues with any hardware.
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My personal belief is that this error will eventaully cause or accelrate something to fail, on the connected deivce that is causing these errors. On my end its the WD SN850X. I dont know if moving this drive to the m2_1 that is connected to the cpu can help. Though my boot drive is a SN850 non-X on the m2._1 slot and ive never seen it produce and error message. I also have another nvme drive connected via m2_3 but its a gen3 drive. 

Level 7

Anyone know if these errors are prevalent on the MSI z690 unify boards?

Level 8

These errors aren't at all particular to any mainboard, but the WD drives have issues with bios level aspm control, enabling native aspm should have resolved the corrected errors coming from that device.

Sadly it doesnt for me. I get around 3-4k errors /day. 

If this is a power management issue then moving the SN850X to the cpu attached m2 slot wont change anything?


Its kinda strange that it o ly affectts the SN850X. Ive had the SN850 non x for over a year and none of this issue occurs.