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ROG STRIX Z690-I z690i - USB Ports getting intermitent disconnect

Level 7
I noticed my mouse, a Logitech MX with a poor performance and chopping on the screen sometimes...

I tought with myself: Ok, it's using the Logitech USB receiver and this receiver is probably a poor option. So I decided to swtich to Bluetooth mode.

Ok, now mouse is fine.

Then I started to run Flight Simulator and I noticed that sometimes my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro stops to respond for few seconds and then go back to live. At this moment I deduced: No, wasn't the Logitech receiver on my mouse ! For some reason, my USB ports (rear panel) are facing temp disconnects and this is the reason why my devices tied to USB is not working good...

What is the cause of this ? I recently upgraded my old Asus Rog Strix Mobo running in a 8600 i5 to a Asus Strix Z690-i with Intel 12700KF.

Level 12
Hi Photor,
Does it occur when you playing the specific games? How often does the issue occurs? How long do you play the games and have the USB connecting issue?
May I have the following information?
- the serial number of the motherboard via PM
- the brand and the model name of your CPU, RAM, graphics card, OS drive, PSU, pc case and USB devices
(Please check the specific model name of RAM such as G.SKILL F5-6800U4040G16GX2-TZ5S.)
- which USB ports do you plug into each USB devices
- OS version and OS build
- name and version of the games you playing and encounter the USB disconnecting issue
Thank you.

I didnt reply because I had my build RMA'd to the manufacturer - they replaced the board with the exact same model (Z690-Plus Wifi D4) and the problem seems to have disappeared. I havent changed anything else, same components, same peripherals - and now everything is working fine (2,5 days and going). Will hit you up again if anything goes wrong.

To me looks like some of the Boards are just faulty, there is some contact or some chip that just doesnt work all the time as it should - if you're unlucky, you get one of these boards and there is no software-fix that solves your misery.

Level 7

I also keep having usb disconnects, mainly when I play a game etc but its annoying, running a AM5 Ryzen 7950x with x670e-a gaming mobo, I remember having this nonsense with my old am4 system too and x570 pro, kinda think I should avoid Asus/Rog boards hmmm