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ROG Strix XG32VQ Vertical and Horizontal Lines on Start Up

Level 10
Hi all, I have had my monitor for 18 months now. I had an intermittent problem with the monitor where on start up mainly yellow and blue horizontal lines would appear. These dissipated if I cycled the PC on and off. As my PC was predominantly left on, I did not see the issue a lot. I also did not want to RMA it and be without a monitor for an extended problem.

Late last year I rebuilt my PC, changed mobo, GPU, and even the HDMI cable, the problem is still there so I can only assume it is the monitor, and it is getting worse.
If I start the PC, I cannot even make out the start button to restart the PC (Windows Hello logs me in).

To clarify, the lines start off mainly vertical and all over the PC, if I cycle the PC via the reset button, the lines slowly diminish and I am left with a horizontal line through the task bar, this will eventually go as well.

I tried to take a screenshot of the horizontal lines but it did not appear which made me think that the problem is definately a monitor problem.

Customer Service Agent
Hi JimmyH,
I'm afraid it might be hardware related.
Please send it to our RMA for further examination.
Thank you.