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rog strix x670e-e gaming wifi motherboard / 6900xt is working x8 4.0 lanes

Level 7
Hello, My 6900xt is working 8x lanes on x670e-e. I'm using only the first ssd slot and the first gpu slot nothing else. I tried to give the first pcie slot x16 from bios but it didn't change anything. Then I realized that my integrated graphic from cpu is taking the x16 lanes and couldn't find a way to disable it (thinking that is the problem). I checked the bios and read other threads about it but couldn't find it. Is it a problem with integrated graphics or maybe something else I don't know what is the problem and couldn't fix it for 2 weeks. Can you help me If you know how to fix it. I tried different gpu and taking x8 lane again. Do you guys know how can I disable the integrated graphic? or If you have any other advice I'm open for it. Thank you

Customer Service Agent
Hello, ffsinan.

Since I am unclear about the current installations, could you please refer to the configuration on page xii of the user manual (as shown below),
reinstall the GPU, and check if M.2_3 is occupied by other devices?
Please also reset the BIOS settings if necessary.Â*

Thank you.
sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

Level 8

hello bro, did you find a solution for this later? I think I got the same issue like yours. Nothing but just graphics card installed on Proart x670e, it still gets 4.0@x8. Even with iGPU disabled in new BIOS.

Firstly try a new GPU or try your GPU on another motherboard to check the GPU is okay. Because I tried my GPU on another motherboard than I understand that the problem was the GPU. I gave it to the RMA and got a new one. If it is working x8 lane just make it sure that you are not using the SSD slot that I marked on the picture. Because it shares the lane with the PCIE slot. otherwise its just a broken GPU just like mine I would suggest you to send it to RMA.
That was the steps that I did. I hope that you find this helpful and fix your problem asap!123.png