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Rog Strix X299-E Gaming II MB having problems with it since I first got it

Level 7
Charge Quotation: REP-USPCN93315 (hopefully this is enough)

I had problems with this since it was first assembled by Fry's. I purchased the motherboard from Newegg. The problems originally were a blue screen that started basically when I got the computer home. It only happened once a week or so and I ignored it. Things got progressively worse so I finally broke down and contacted ASUS. Since it was still under warranty they said send it in. Now the computer case was not opened before the problems started happening so there is no way I could have damaged a couple of microscopic pins before the problems started so I presume if the pins were the cause of the damage then they were damaged when I received the unit. Asus simply says, oh there are two pins damaged you will need to buy an entirely new mother board for over $500. Well, I already did that, now I would like them to fix the one that they shipped out broken. I don't buy the simply stating that there is some minor damage here so buy a new motherboard answer.

Level 12
Hi edwillia,
If you have issue when got the computer home and the pc was not assembled by yourself, probably the damage was caused when assembling so you didn't notice it.
Thank you.