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ROG Strix G712LW Up Arrow Digitally Stuck

Level 7
Second generation Asus ROG laptop owner and am the owner of a ROG Strix G712LW. I purchased from a third party company, in which I had just received the laptop back from my third HDD failure. A couple of days of owning the laptop I discovered that the laptop's up arrow is digitally stuck. I burned through an entire can of air blowing out the keys, ensuring that there was not an errant animal hair or something in the button hole. In comparison to any other button on the keyboard, nothing is out of the ordinary, it softly clicks like every other button and shows no lag, slow rise, or anything else. Whenever playing a game, or trying to navigate within any of the Windows menus, the up arrow takes over and immediately starts going insane as if I was holding the button down. I have gone as far as removing the button entirely but it still keeps acting as if it was stuck. When I check device manager I do see that the computer is detecting three keyboards; two "HID Keyboard Device," and one "PC/AT Enchanced PS/2 keyboard (101/102-key)" I have tried uninstalling each of the three keyboards from the device manager and that does nothing at all beneficially. I am running the most current BIOS version of 314, dated 27 April, 2021. Does anyone have any suggestions? The 3rd party company I bought this laptop told me to go buy a replacement key for that virtually stuck up arrow button, but I fail to see what that will do to remedy the issue.

Level 9
Hi there,
Can you PM me your product SN and some picture or video of the issue?
Thank you very much.