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ROG Strix 3080 oc, Coil whine since last uodate

Level 9
Hello again, I'm having a huge issue with coil whine since doing the latest 3080 update in armoury crate, on default settings I've never had issues with coil whine anywhere on any game, however since doing the last update (through the armoury crate updater) Im.getting a lot of it, as I said I'm using the default settings and playing the same games on the same settings now with added coil whine, is there a way to roll back the driver?

Level 7

Same **bleep**, bro. I m from Ukraine. Bought a tuf 4070ti. Since the last armory crate update the coil whine buzzes like arse!!! The joke is that the coil whine starts when you normally use PC. But when you start a furmark or any game - the buzzing stops. I hate that **bleep**. I have exchanged once the card to the same but after an update that buzzing continued. The last update sucks.