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ROG Strix 3080 10gb OC fan issue always at 53%

Level 7
Hi guys,

Lots of info to be found on Google and this site regarding the 3080 series having idle fan issues. I recently bought a 3080 Strix 10GB, and the fans are always at 53%.

I updated it to the lastest resize bar V5 vbios - and the issue persists.

In MSI AB, if I adjust the fan below 45%, it causes them to go all the way to 0%. It seems like the fan curve settings are "off".

Idle power useage is around 35-40 watts. I've seen if thats any higher, it causes the fans to start.. but its always consistently 53% at 1000 rpm.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I would love to try to reflash - but I get the "Your graphics card does not need to update VBIOS!" when I try to run it again.

Any help would greatly be appreciated!