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Rog Registered products and Website issues

Level 7
1] looking for direct support email .... without a maze of try this do this bs

2] can Rog support staff check my purchases and registrations vs actual rog points level seems low considering the amount I've spent since 2020.

3] every time i log into armory crate it ask me to register product but gives no idea of what i thinks needs to be registered. everything I own is registered...i have a x570 extreme i sent back awhile ago and it was replaced but they kept my original box and the s/n on the white replacement box cant be registered either due to no check number i believe or the serial number is unrecognized

4] i miss aisuite.... i miss being able to run my pumps and fans separately from each other can or will there be any advancement in armoury crate to give us more freedoms with are setups? not a fan of the ai cooling and would be great to see some fan curve customization allowedin regards to how id like my computer to operate and react to gaming, working, so on and so forth.

any and all info greatly appreciated thanks James MF Kerr

Customer Service Agent
Hi jamesker,
Sorry we cannot check your rog points level but we can check your registrations.
May I have the information below?
- a screenshot of registration remind in armoury crate
- the serial number pf your products via pm
- your asus account(email or phone number) via pm
There is swapped record in our internal system if you got a replacement after RMA, so please don't worry about it.
If you want to contact or local team via email, please refer to the following link.

There is Fan Xpert 4 in AI Suite 3 for ROG CROSSHAIR VIII EXTREME. Please refer to the following link for Fan Xpert 4 and try customizing fan curve .
Thank you.