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ROG PUGIO II mouse USB 2.4G dongle issue

Level 7
Hello ROG team,

I bought a ROG PUGIO II on march 2022 for my daily work (S/N:L8MPK******). All were ok until october when I was facing untimely disconnections with the 2.4G dongle.
Then end of octobre the USB dongle no more worked, tried it in many computers without success.

As I was overloaded with work, so I used the bluetooth instead but I need to use this device on several computer (PC + Laptop).

In november 2022, I contacted the Asus support (case: E22060051715-0002), they answered as it was bought on Amazon Business, they have to take the warranty but not Asus. Ok but Amazon doesn't propose any repair, and it is impossible to buy the dongle seperately. Amazon only offers a refund. But I d'ont want to be refunded, at least a replacement by the same, but not possible.

Then I contacted again Amazon Business, they said to see with ASUS support.

I called again Asus support, same answer: can't take the warranty, Amazon should do it. (case: E22060051715-0001)

I really don't care who has to do it... I just want get a new USB dongle 2.4G ! or the whole product replacement, I really like it, I use it everyday, but now I can't use it on my PC (no BT card).

Is it possible to get a new 2.4G dongle from ASUS support ?

OR/and I would like to know where could I buy accessories for this device ? (2.4G dongle / side button caps / switches...)

Thanks for your help.
JyN (from France)

Level 14
If Amazon are offering a full refund, you could take that and buy a new one? That would even give you a new warranty period, I'd guess.

In an absolute world yes, but this device is no more available in the authorized buying list for my company on Amazon Business. Then I prefer request a new dongle, I willing to pay if necessary.

Hello, JyN-Savoy.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for sharing the detailed information.
Please be aware that since the serial number contains personal information, it is not advised to disclose it.
Meanwhile, I have PM you for confirmation of personal information, could you please check the top right corner of the PM inbox?

Thank you.

Sorry for the delay. I replied to your PM with the screenshot required.
Thank you