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Rog Maximum Dark Hero VIII 3.3V voltage issue, crashes and unrecognised SSD/HDD

Level 7
This is my first time posting here, in the hope some could actually help me fix the wierd issues that are happening with my system that I'm trying to enumerate bellow in case maybe there are somehow related.
I have a Rog Maximus Dark Hereo VIII mbo, paired with a 5900x, rtx 3080, 32gb DDR4 Corsair, 1TB ADATA M.2 and a 6TB HDD, PUS Corsair RMx 850x. The system is watercooled, and I've added some led strips + the GPU is connected to the MBO via a Phanteks Riser Cable.

It's not the first time that it happens but I get random Windows crashes or frezes, from which I have to turn off and on the PC from the power button.
Also sometimes when doing this, the SSD/HDD completlly disapear from the BIOS under the section STORAGE INFORMATION. I have noticed that if I turn the PSU off for a few minutes and then back on, the ssd/hdd apears again in the BIOS, but when I boot into windows after a few seconds after the windows has loaded the system crashes to a blue screen: WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR
Also one other strange thing that I noticed in bios is the 3.3v Voltage in red like in the screenshot attached.
Also one other wierd thing, is that via USB, if I plug in an external HDD (1tb SEAGATE), this gets disconected from windows after a while

*I am not sure if all of those things are related*96172

I would run memtest and also disconnect everything except your boot drive(the m.2?). You could see if that voltage reading is different after unneeded peripherals are disconnected. It's possible the 3.3 rail on your PSU is sagging or it could be an issue with the motherboard (either real or a false reading).
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